How Long Is US Open Day Session?

The US Open, one of the most anticipated tennis tournaments of the year, is a captivating event that draws thousands of spectators from around the world. As the hot summer sun beats down on the courts, a long day's journey begins, filled with thrilling matches, incredible talent, and fierce competition. But just how long is the US Open day session? The answer lies in the fascinating schedule that encompasses this grand slam tournament. Starting at 11 am, the first match signals the beginning of an action-packed day. While the day sessions in the Stadium typically come to a close at 5 PM, the excitement doesn't have to end there. For avid fans and enthusiasts, there's the opportunity to stay and extend the experience by moving to the outer courts, where matches can continue well into the evening. Whether it be under the radiant sunshine or the twinkling lights of the night, the US Open day session grants the possibility to immerse oneself in the world of tennis, basking in the passion and energy that defines this remarkable event.

What Time Can You Enter US Open Day Session?

The US Open Day Session offers an incredible opportunity for tennis enthusiasts to witness the exhilarating matches that unfold on the courts. But, before you immerse yourself in the excitement, it’s important to know the exact time when you can enter the event and secure your spot among the passionate crowd.

For those attending on Saturday, August 26th, the gates swing open promptly at 9:30 am, setting the stage for a thrilling day of world-class tennis action. On the following day, Sunday, August 27th, the gates open slightly later, at 10 am, giving spectators a little extra time to prepare for the event.

From Monday, August 28th, to Wednesday, September 6th, the gates open at 9:30 am, welcoming avid fans with open arms for an entire week of riveting matches. This generous schedule allows attendees to fully embrace the vibrant atmosphere and soak in every moment of this prestigious tournament.

So, whether you’re planning to attend multiple days of the US Open Day Session or just one, make sure to mark the opening time in your calendar. Arriving early grants you the opportunity to explore the grounds, indulge in delectable snacks and beverages, and secure prime seating to witness the remarkable athletes battling it out on the court.

With the gates opening at different times throughout the tournament, it’s essential to plan accordingly and give yourself ample time to navigate the venue and find your preferred spot. So, get your tickets ready, set your alarm clock, and get ready for an unforgettable experience at the US Open Day Session.

The Night Session matches at the US Open start at 7 PM on Arthur Ashe Stadium, but if you’ve a 7 PM ticket, you can enter the grounds from 5 PM onwards. This gives you access to all the outside courts and the US Open grounds before heading into the stadium at 7 PM for the main event.

What Time Can You Enter the US Open With a 7pm Ticket?

The Day Session at the US Open typically starts at 11 AM, but if you’ve a 7 PM ticket, you might be wondering what time you can enter the grounds. While the Night Session matches start at 7 PM on Arthur Ashe Stadium, your Night Session ticket actually grants you access to all outside courts and the US Open grounds starting from 5 PM onwards. This means that you can arrive at the venue as early as 5 PM and begin exploring everything the US Open has to offer.

Once you’ve entered the grounds at 5 PM with your Night Session ticket, you can explore the various outside courts, take in some exciting matches, and maybe even catch a glimpse of your favorite players practicing. This is a great opportunity to soak up the atmosphere and get a taste of the world-class tennis action before the main event on Arthur Ashe Stadium.

When 7 PM rolls around, you can head over to Arthur Ashe Stadium, which is the main tennis arena at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. As the largest tennis stadium in the world with a capacity of 23,771, Arthur Ashe Stadium provides a breathtaking backdrop for the intense matches that take place during the night session of the US Open. This is where you’ll witness some of the most thrilling and pivotal matches of the tournament.

Whether you’re a die-hard tennis fan or simply looking for a memorable experience, attending the evening session of the US Open is sure to deliver. From the electrifying atmosphere in the stadium to the world-class tennis on display, you’re in for a night to remember. So, grab your 7 PM ticket, enter the grounds at 5 PM, and get ready for an evening filled with excitement, competition, and the magic of the US Open.

What Are the Best Seats in Arthur Ashe Stadium for the Night Session?

  • Lower level: Sections 121-125 and 101-105
  • Mid-level: Sections 223-227 and 203-207
  • Upper level: Sections 329-333 and 311-315
  • Loge level: Sections 14-20 and 42-48
  • Box seats: Located in sections B1-B12
  • Grandstand: Sections 301-308
  • Club level: Sections 304-308
  • Courtside: Rows AA-LL
  • Baseline seats: Sections 108-116 and 133-141
  • Corner seats: Sections 106-107, 117-118, 131-132, and 142-143

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In summation, the duration of the US Open day session varies depending on various factors such as the matches scheduled and the progression of the tournament. However, typically, the day session commences at 11 am and lasts until approximately 5 pm, with matches taking place within the Stadium. Nevertheless, if you desire to extend your tennis experience, you’ve the option to stay beyond the day session and explore the outer courts until approximately 8 or 9 pm. This flexibility allows spectators to immerse themselves in the exhilarating atmosphere of the US Open for an extended period, making it a truly memorable and eventful experience.

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