Michigan High School Tennis Records | the Ultimate Guide to Records in Michigan High School Tennis

Welcome to the ultimate guide to records in Michigan high school tennis! In this comprehensive article, we will delve into the rich history and remarkable achievements of high school tennis players in the state of Michigan. With a strong tradition of excellence, Michigan has witnessed countless exceptional athletes who’ve left an indelible mark on their schools, communities, and the sport itself. From remarkable winning streaks to record-breaking individual accomplishments, this guide will explore the most impressive feats in Michigan high school tennis history.

What Is the Best High School for Tennis in Michigan?

Michigan is home to several exceptional high schools that excel in tennis. When it comes to determining the best high school for tennis in Michigan, evaluating their ranking in their respective divisions by the Michigan High School Tennis Coaches Association is a great starting point. Currently, Bloomfield Hills, Midland Dow, and Ann Arbor Greenhills are all holding the coveted No.1 spot in their divisions.

Bloomfield Hills, competing in Division 1, has consistently displayed remarkable talent on the tennis courts. With a strong roster and dedicated coaching staff, the team has proven it’s prowess time and again. Their commitment to excellence and competitive spirit make them a top contender in the state.

Midland Dow, which competes in Division 2, is another powerhouse in Michigan high school tennis. The team has consistently performed at a high level, showcasing their skills and determination on the court. Midland Dows players demonstrate exceptional technique, strategy, and discipline, making them a formidable opponent for any school.

Ann Arbor Greenhills, a leading force in Division 4, has a rich history of success in high school tennis. Although they dropped from Division 3 after winning the state title in 2022, they remain a force to be reckoned with in their new division. With a deep pool of talent and a winning mentality instilled by their coaching staff, Greenhills consistently produces exceptional tennis players.

These high schools achievements extend beyond their current rankings. They’ve demonstrated their dominance in Michigan high school tennis through consistent success, year after year. Their players are known for their technical skills, mental toughness, and competitive drive, setting a standard of excellence in the sport.

In the realm of Michigan girls high school athletics, the discus event has seen it’s fair share of remarkable achievements over the years. Among them, an impressive record stands firm as a testament to exceptional talent and unwavering determination. Set in 2018 by Malin Smith, a remarkable athlete hailing from Lansing Waverly, the Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA) witnessed a feat that left spectators in awe. With an astonishing throw measuring 163-9, Smith etched her name into the annals of history, securing her place as the discus record holder.

What Is the Discus Record for Michigan Girls High School?

When it comes to the discus record for Michigan girls high school, one name stands above the rest. In 2018, Lansing Waverlys Malin Smith etched her name into the record books with a phenomenal throw of 163-This exceptional achievement set the benchmark for future aspiring athletes to strive for and solidified Smiths place in Michigan high school tennis history.

Smiths record serves as a testament to the hard work and dedication she put into perfecting her craft. Countless hours of training, both physically and mentally, paved the way for her remarkable achievement. She honed her technique, fine-tuned her coordination, and developed the explosive power necessary for such an incredible throw. Smiths record stands not only as a reflection of her exceptional ability but also as a reminder of the immense potential that resides within Michigans high school tennis scene.

For aspiring discus athletes, the record set by Smith serves as both an inspiration and a challenge. It represents the pinnacle of achievement, a benchmark against which they can measure their own progress. Breaking this record would require an extraordinary combination of natural talent, relentless practice, and unwavering determination. However, as Smith has shown, it’s possible to go beyond what was previously thought to be achievable in Michigan girls high school tennis.

Jeremy Lorenz of Michigan made history in the world of fishing by recently breaking the state record for yellow perch. On March 26, while casting his line in the tranquil waters of Ocoee Number 3 in Polk County, Lorenz reeled in a remarkable two-pound five-ounce fish. This remarkable catch has solidified his name in the Michigan fishing books, marking an astonishing milestone in his angling journey.

What Is the State Record Perch in Michigan?

Jeremy Lorenz of Michigan now holds the state record for yellow perch after catching a two-pound five-ounce fish on Ocoee Number 3 in Polk County, on March 2This remarkable feat has cemented Lorenzs name in the history books of Michigan high school tennis records. While the topic at hand may seem unrelated to tennis, it’s important to note that records aren’t just limited to a specific sport but can encompass a wide variety of accomplishments.

Just like in the world of high school tennis, where athletes strive to break records and leave a lasting legacy, Mr. Lorenz pursued a similar goal in the realm of fishing. His dedication and skill in pursuing the elusive yellow perch paid off, enabling him to secure the state record. This achievement serves as a shining example of the passion and determination that drive individuals to set new benchmarks in their respective fields.

Michigans rich tapestry of sports records often extends beyond the boundaries of traditional athletic pursuits. Jeremy Lorenzs record-breaking catch emphasizes the diverse range of achievements that exist within the state. From tennis to fishing, Michigan embraces all forms of achievement and recognizes those who push the boundaries of what’s considered possible.

As we explore the realm of Michigan high school tennis records, it’s crucial to acknowledge that records come in various forms. Some may be related to individual performances, while others may focus on team accomplishments.

By celebrating these accomplishments, we can gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the dedication and perseverance required to break barriers and set new records. Whether it be on the tennis court or in the waters of Polk County, Michigans rich tapestry of records tells a compelling tale of human achievement.

Fisher’s dominance in the Michigan 2-mile record, with a remarkable time of 8:43.57, further solidifies his status as one of the state’s greatest runners. This impressive achievement surpassed the previous record held by Dathan Ritzenhein, who himself was renowned in the running world. Fisher’s remarkable talent didn’t stop there, as he continued to excel in his collegiate career at Stanford, earning numerous All-American honors and even capturing the NCAA outdoor 5,000-meter title in 2017.

What Is the Michigan 2 Mile Record?

The Michigan 2-mile record is held by Grant Fisher, who achieved a remarkable time of 8:43.5This broke the previous record of 8:44.43, which was held by the renowned Dathan Ritzenhein. Fishers achievement in breaking this long-standing record is a testament to his incredible athleticism and dedication to the sport.

Following his record-breaking performance, Fisher continued to excel in both cross country and track and field at Stanford University. Throughout his collegiate career, he earned an impressive total of 12 NCAA All-American honors, showcasing his consistent excellence in his events.

In addition to his numerous accolades, Fisher also secured the NCAA outdoor 5,000-meter title in 20This further solidifies his status as a standout athlete in the sport of track and field. His dedication and hard work have undoubtedly paid off, as he continues to leave a lasting impact on the Michigan high school tennis records.

Fishers achievements serve as an inspiration to aspiring athletes in the state of Michigan, showing them what can be achieved with determination and perseverance. His record-breaking performance and subsequent success at the collegiate level highlight the immense talent and potential within Michigans high school tennis program.


From the unmatched achievements of individuals to the remarkable team successes, Michigan has witnessed some extraordinary performances on the tennis courts. These records rise above mere statistics and represent the countless hours of training, the sacrifices made, and the invaluable lessons learned through the sport. They serve as a source of inspiration for future players, encouraging them to push their boundaries and strive for greatness.

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