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While a suspended bet may initially evoke uncertainty, FanDuel's expertise ensures that bettors stay informed and equipped to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of tennis betting, ultimately allowing them to make informed decisions and maximize their wagering experience.

What Happens to Bets if a Tennis Game Is Suspended?

In the world of sports betting, tennis has it’s own set of rules and regulations when it comes to suspended games.

If a tennis player is suspended for a period of time, whether it be due to a violation or any other reason, any wagers on that player will be considered void. This applies not only to their upcoming games but also to their outcomes in competitions. Essentially, if a player is suspended, all bets related to that player become null and void.

However, if only one game within a tennis match is disqualified, then all bets specifically placed on that game will also be void. In such cases, users who placed bets on that specific game will receive their money back. This is to ensure fairness and transparency in the betting process, as it wouldn’t be fair to continue accepting bets on a game that’s been disqualified.

Therefore, it’s advisable to carefully read and understand the terms and conditions provided by the specific platform before placing any bets.

Always make sure to familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations of the betting platform to ensure a smooth and enjoyable betting experience.

What Happens to Bets if a Tennis Match Is Postponed or Delayed?

  • Bets may be voided if a tennis match is postponed or delayed for an extended period.
  • Bookmakers typically have specific rules regarding postponed or delayed matches.
  • In some cases, bets may remain valid if the match is rescheduled and played within a certain timeframe.
  • However, it’s important to check the terms and conditions of your specific bookmaker to understand their policies.
  • If a bet is voided, the stake is usually returned to the bettor.
  • It’s recommended to stay updated with the latest match information to minimize any uncertainties with your bets.

During these suspensions, users are unable to place new bets or make any changes to existing wagers. This temporary halt ensures fair play and allows the system time to gather accurate and up-to-date information before reopening the betting markets. In such cases, the bet suspension serves as a precautionary measure to maintain integrity and transparency in sports betting platforms like DraftKings.

What Does Bet Suspended Mean DraftKings?

In the world of sports betting, the term “suspended bet” can cause some confusion among bettors. This is often due to an ongoing match or game where there may be an issue that needs to be resolved.

One possible reason for a bet to be suspended on DraftKings is if there’s an ongoing match that’s causing some uncertainty or controversy. For example, if a tennis match is being reviewed for a disputed line call, the betting feature for that specific match may be suspended until the matter is resolved. This ensures that the outcome of the match is fair and accurate before bets are settled.

Lastly, a bet may also be suspended if some type of incident occurs during an event that could impact the outcome.

What Happens to My Bet if It Is Suspended?

  • The outcome of your bet will depend on the specific reason why it was suspended.
  • If the match or event is rescheduled to take place within a certain timeframe, your bet will usually stand and remain active.
  • In case the match or event is postponed indefinitely or canceled, your bet may be voided, and your stake will be returned.
  • Bets may also be declared void if there’s evidence of match-fixing or other irregularities.
  • It’s important to check the terms and conditions of the betting website or platform you’re using for specific rules regarding suspended bets.

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adjusted accordingly. The remaining selections in the multi-bet will still stand and be treated as individual bets. In some cases, the potential payout may decrease if the odds of the remaining selections are affected by the voided game. It’s important for bettors to review the terms and conditions of their specific sportsbook to understand how suspended games are handled in multi-bets.

What Happens to a Multi Bet When One Game Is Suspended?

Adjusted accordingly. In other words, the suspended game is essentially ignored for the purposes of the multi-bet. The remaining selections in the bet are still considered active and will continue to be determined by their respective outcomes.

For example, lets say you placed a multi-bet on three tennis matches, and one of the matches gets suspended due to rain. In this scenario, the odds and potential payout for the remaining two matches will be recalculated without the suspended match. The final outcome of the bet will depend solely on the results of the active matches.

It’s important to note that the treatment of a suspended game may vary depending on the specific sportsbook or bookmaker. Some sportsbooks may choose to settle the bet based on the completed matches only, while others may have specific rules for handling suspended games.

In cases where the suspended match is rescheduled to be played at a later date, the bet may remain valid, and the outcome will be determined once the match is completed. However, if the match is canceled or abandoned, the bet may be voided, and the stake will usually be returned to the bettor.

Understanding these rules can help you navigate any potential situations where a match is postponed or suspended.


During this time, any bets placed on the match are put on hold until the match resumes. The outcome of the bet will only be determined once the match is completed or officially declared as void by the sportsbook. It’s important for bettors to closely follow updates from the sportsbook regarding the status of the suspended match and to stay informed about the specific rules and policies of the sportsbook they’re using, such as FanDuel.

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