What Forehand Grip Does Daniil Medvedev Use? | Insights on Medvedev’s Tennis Grip

When analyzing the playing style and technique of professional tennis players, one aspect that often sparks curiosity is their grip. Specifically, fans and aspiring players are particularly interested in determining what type of grip a player uses for their forehand. In the case of Daniil Medvedev, a highly skilled and talented player on the ATP tour, it may come as a surprise that he employs a rather unorthodox technique. It’s important to note, though, that the positioning of his index knuckle is rather unique, as it’s closer to the eastern bevel. This unconventional placement may occasionally lead one to question whether Medvedev's grip is truly semi-western or more closely resembles an eastern grip.

Do Any Pros Use Western Grip?

Do any pros use Western grip? Since the Western forehand grip is relatively modern in the world of tennis, there are actually very few players who use it on the pro tour. That being said, it’s used by some of the best players in the game, including the likes of Kei Nishikori, Karen Khachanov, Kyle Edmund, and Jack Sock, to name a few.

The Western grip, also known as the extreme Western grip, is characterized by placing the base knuckle of the index finger on the third bevel of the racket handle. This grip allows players to generate tremendous topspin on their shots, making it ideal for players who prefer hitting heavy, looping shots from the baseline.

Kei Nishikori, known for his exceptional footwork and compact strokes, utilizes the Western grip to generate immense spin on his forehand. This allows him to keep the ball deep in the court and control the pace of the rally. Karen Khachanov, on the other hand, uses a more semi-Western grip but adds a touch of Western influence to give his forehand extra spin and power.

Kyle Edmund, with his aggressive baseline game, employs the Western grip to add spin and depth to his shots. Similarly, Jack Sock, known for his powerful groundstrokes, uses the extreme Western grip to generate significant topspin and control his shots.

Novak Djokovic, the talented right-handed player, has been utilizing the semi-western grip for his powerful forehand shots. While he experimented with a slightly modified version called the ¾ western grip in the past, it appears that Djokovic has settled on the semi-western grip as his go-to technique.

Does Djokovic Use a Semi Western Grip?

Novak Djokovic, the world-renowned Serbian tennis player, has been known for his exceptional skills and a formidable presence on the court. When it comes to his forehand grip, Djokovic has primarily relied on the semi-western grip. This particular grip involves placing the index knuckle on bevel 4 of the tennis rackets handle.

However, it’s worth mentioning that Djokovics grip hasn’t remained static throughout his career. In the early days, he experimented with a more hybrid grip that fell between the semi-western and western grip. Some people even refer to this as the ¾ western grip. This grip variation offers players a bit more versatility and power, as it allows for a greater degree of topspin.

This grip provides him with solid control and consistency, enabling his precision shots to devastate opponents. It allows him to generate exceptional topspin, granting his shots added bounce and depth.

The Evolution of Djokovic’s Grip Throughout His Career

  • Djokovic started his career with a continental grip for his forehand
  • As he became more established, Djokovic switched to a semi-western grip to generate more topspin
  • During the prime years of his career, Djokovic further adjusted his grip to a full western grip
  • This allowed him to hit with more power and spin, especially on his backhand side
  • In recent years, Djokovic has made subtle modifications to his grip to cater to different court surfaces and playing conditions
  • Overall, Djokovic’s grip evolution showcases his adaptability and willingness to make adjustments to improve his game

Now let’s delve into the details of Nick Kyrgios’ forehand grip and understand the significance of his right elbow position during the swing and preparation phases.

What Grip Does Nick Kyrgios Use?

Nick Kyrgios is known for his unique playing style and his powerful forehand. When it comes to his grip, he favors a traditional forehand grip, also known as the Eastern grip. This grip allows him to generate maximum power and control while hitting his forehand shots. By using this grip, he’s able to make the necessary adjustments for different shot variations, whether it’s a flat, topspin, or slice forehand.

His grip and swing mechanics enable him to generate extraordinary power even when stretched out wide on the court. He can control the ball effortlessly and redirect the pace with precision, making him a formidable opponent from any position on the court.

In addition to his grip and swing mechanics, it’s worth mentioning that Kyrgios possesses exceptional athleticism and court awareness. His footwork and anticipation skills allow him to quickly get into the desired position for his forehand, giving him an added advantage in executing his shots with accuracy and power.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of the Eastern Grip in Tennis.

The Eastern grip is a commonly used tennis grip that’s known for it’s versatility and ability to generate power and topspin. With this grip, the base knuckle of the index finger rests on the third bevel of the tennis racket handle, allowing for a solid and stable hold.

One of the main benefits of the Eastern grip is that it enables players to hit both flat shots and topspin shots effectively. It provides excellent control and precision, making it easier to place the ball with accuracy. Additionally, the grip allows players to generate a good amount of power, making it suitable for aggressive baseline play.

However, there are some drawbacks to using the Eastern grip as well. Firstly, due to the relatively closed racket face, it can be more challenging to hit slice shots and approach shots. The grip also requires players to have good technique and footwork to effectively execute different shots. Beginners may find it difficult to adjust to this grip initially.

Overall, the Eastern grip is a popular choice among professional tennis players like Daniil Medvedev due to it’s versatility and the ability to generate power and topspin. However, it’s important for players to experiment with different grips and find the one that suits their playing style and preferences the best.

Rafael Nadal, known for his fierce power and incredible topspin, relies on a semi-western forehand grip to dominate the tennis court. This particular grip, widely favored among professional players, enables him to unleash his signature shots with precision and intensity.

What Grip Does Rafael Nadal Use?

Rafael Nadal, one of the greatest tennis players of all time, possesses a unique and powerful playing style that’s captivated fans worldwide. Central to his game is his forehand, a shot that’s become synonymous with his success. To generate his trademark power and topspin, Nadal employs a semi-western forehand grip, which is widely regarded as the most popular grip choice among professional tennis players.

The semi-western forehand grip is characterized by the positioning of the hand on the racket handle. To execute this grip, Nadal places the base knuckle of his index finger close to the third bevel of the racket handle.

It’s become an integral part of his playing style, allowing him to dominate opponents with his powerful and spin-heavy forehand. As he continues to showcase his remarkable skills, his grip choice will undoubtedly remain a key aspect of his arsenal.


Although his technique may appear unorthodox to some, his grip falls within the realm of a commonly used grip in the tennis world. Nonetheless, this slight variation doesn’t detract from the effectiveness of his forehand, as Medvedev's success on the court speaks volumes about his skill and adaptability.

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